Custom Design

Most of the time, graphics are very important in business as well as personal uses. It may in different formats or shapes like brand identity, product’s advertising, info-graphics or something else innovative.

Some factors need to consider custom designs –
(1) Design style. e.g. Simple, Old-touch, Traditional, Modern, Professional, Clean, Colorful, Artistic, reference design, etc.
(2) Color selection – because color meaning is very important. Every color has a specific meaning. Variety of colors may look clutter as well as increase cost also
(3) Design size varies with media.

We know that design is a simple view of vast information. A top graphic designer can create a state of art in design. So you can depend on us for your design work.

You need to mention

(a) Design Size. (85mm X 55mm)
(b) Design Information. (what information should be in design.)
(c) Design Color. (color name e.g. deep blue, orange, grey or, color code e.g.#0137a7, #8a8c8e, or CMYK (0 0 0 55), CMYK (0 100 100 0), etc )
(d) Design Font. ( Serif. San-sarif, Arial-bold, Lato-semibold etc.
(e) Design Style.
(f) Design Tagline.
(g) Design Format. e.g vector, raster.