By admin

September 22 2018


What Should be in Business Card ?

A business card is the most important things for professionals and organizations. Business Card is mostly used for communication purpose and as a promotional tool also. So for making a professional and eye-catching business card – need to consider the following points. Carefully put the name of person or organization, so that it stands out. It should be highlighted. A logo should be presented intelligently so that it stands out and show a person’s or organization’s representation. It should be relevant to the organization’s motto, goals, and objectives. For example: for the hospital use business card should be clean, organized info, professional and straightforward. On the other hand card for musician should be colorful, rocking and crazy. Generally, the business card contains Name, Address, Logo, and Contact information. Important but less information is better for business card making. Irrelevant and much speech destroy its beauty. A uni-format business card is good. Sometimes the client wants white space so that important note can be written there. The stock image should be avoided in a business card.